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Aung Suu Kyi is suspected of being a captive in the Myanmar Army House


Myanmar's de facto leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, is reported to be under house arrest after the Tatmadaw armed forces.

A source from the National League for Democracy party in Suu Kyi told France Press that it firmly believes that the leader is currently under "house arrest" in Naypyidaw.

The National League for Democracy has urged the military to release Suu Kyi and other officials. The party considers the coup a "disgrace" in Myanmar's military history.

In addition to Suu Kyi, the Tatmadaw also arrested several other civilian government officials, such as Myanmar President Win Myint and several senior figures from the ruling party, the National League for Democracy, in the early hours of Monday.

"They release all detainees, including President (Win Myint) and State Counselor (Suu Kyi)," the National League for Democracy statement posted on Facebook on Tuesday (2/2) said.

So far, it is not clear how the military has detained many National League members for Democracy and government. A source in the National League for Democracy said that about 24 lawmakers from the NLD are currently being held in their capital dormitories.

In the statement, the League called on the army to accept the results of the general elections it won last November.

The coup took place after the army rejected the election results, which is considered fraudulent. The Tatmadaw accused at least 8 million fake voters who were registered in the election yesterday.

After the official's arrest, the Tatmadaw declared a year of martial law on their Miyawadi TV channel.

In the declaration, the military also stated that the Myanmar government's authority had been handed over to the Myanmar military commander, General Min Aung Hlaing.

The Myanmar military says the coup was caused by "the failure of a free and fair election process."

Today, the military is said to have sacked dozens of ministers and government officials under Suu Kyi.

Tatmadaw also appointed at least 11 ex-generals to fill the government, including the Finance Minister, Minister of Health, Minister of Information, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Borders, Minister of Border Immigration, and Minister of the Interior.