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Big Bang destroys supermarkets in Russia.

Foto Twitter (Oleg_ilchenko)

A powerful explosion destroyed a supermarket in Vladikavkaz, Russia, on Friday (2/12/2021). The officers said there were casualties, but the number was not confirmed.

"There was an explosion inside the supermarket on Cagkayeva Street," said emergency services spokesman Vladikavkaz, as reported by Sputnik. He noted that the one-story building was "destroyed" by the explosion.

"The explosion is suspected of being a gas explosion, and there were casualties," he added.

The deputy head of the Republic of North Ossetia, Alanya Irbek Tumayev, confirmed that one person was rescued from the rubble.

"A person was found during the rescue operation. He was unharmed. Law enforcement officials are currently working with him. According to preliminary information we have received from experts, a gas leak caused the explosion," Tomayev told reporters.

The head of North Ossetia's emergency services, Alexander Horugi, told reporters that there were no confirmed reports of the current explosion victims.