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New Cluster appears and is wary of a new variant, Melbourne Lockdown, once again.

The Australian city of Melbourne will enforce a strict lockdown starting Friday (2/12) for the next five days (AFP / William West)

Melbourne again imposed a lockdown (total activity restrictions) today, Friday (2/12), for the next five days. The decision was made after an active transmission case was found that arose from a hotel that was being used as a quarantine place for travelers in the area.

Victoria's Prime Minister, Daniel Andrews, according to the Associated Press, said that up to 6.5 million residents of this city would issue orders to lock themselves in their homes, from this finger until Wednesday (2/17) next week.

This is being done to prevent the spread of a different virus from the United Kingdom that has infected at least 13 people at the Melbourne airport hotel.

However, the Australian Open tennis currently being held in this country will continue without an audience.

Several flights to Melbourne will also be closed, and only international flights that were already launched when the shutdown was announced will be allowed to land.

Various schools and businesses were also down, with only outdoor activities permitted for sports and for critical purposes.

The Associated Press reported that the level of spread of this changing virus does indeed require rapid and drastic action. His party also chose to close city meetings to avoid a fresh surge in Melbourne.

Andrews said the prevalence rate requires drastic action to avoid a new surge in Melbourne.

"This is not the 2020 virus. It is very different. It is much faster. It is spreading much easier. I am sure this (shutdown) will be effective. We will be able to contain this," he said.

Melbourne itself previously imposed a lockdown of nearly 111 days in October 2020